Sony has announced that DC Universe Online will soon go free to play. By soon, we mean next month...

Lorin Jameson, producer for DOE, stated on the Official PlayStation Blog that both the PS3 and PC versions of the game would soon drop their required monthly access fee and be available for download at no cost through Sony’s online services. Supposedly the change is coming because they managed to recoup the costs required for the game’s development and had always intended the game to be free. We’re sure that the sudden change in pricing had NOTHING to do with the slumping subscriptions and massive decrease in players experienced over the past couple of months. (/sarcasm)

Those players who have spent money on the game will not be completely out as Sony has said that there will be three levels of access to the game.

  • Free Access – Download and play the game for free and get all ongoing game updates (excluding DLC)
  • Premium Access – opens up to you if you spend at least $5 in the in-game store. Premium Access grants you additional benefits such as more inventory slots, more character slots, bank slots and more free Vault tickets. Once you unlock Premium Access you keep it for the life of your account.
  • Legendary Access – With Legendary Access you can unlock the maximum level of features and benefits. To unlock Legendary Access you can pay for a $14.99 per month game pass, or save big with a discounted multi-month pass. Lifetime members are automatically granted Legendary access. Legendary Access also includes all DLC packs at no extra charge.

Perhaps this is the change that the game needs in order to make it big. I am willing to check it out now, how about you?