Want to get your hands on an early copy of Uncharted 3 before everyone else? Well, if you live in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington D.C. or New York, you can get a cool opportunity to do that and play the latest installment—in 3D, no less! At AMC Theaters in those locations, Naughty Dog will hold festivities which will include multiplayer tournaments, Sony giveaways, and the coup d'grace — Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception on the big screen.

Besides being able to play one of 2011's most anticipated triple-A titles, you can score your own copy before it officially lands in stores on November 1. How so, you ask? General admission to the event is $25 (cripes), but for $60, gamers can get a premium pass which includes Uncharted 3 being sent to your home on October 25. But with all the woes that the United States Post Office is going through, there's no guarantee the game will actually arrive early—let alone come to your home at all.

Hey, this will probably be the only chance you'll have to see Nathan Drake on the silver screen for quite some time.

[via GameZone]

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