In Dan Rush’s Everything Must Go, Will Ferrell plays Nick, an alcoholic sales rep that loses his job, wife, and life as he knows it. On the way home from getting the axe, Nick discovers that his scorned wife has thrown all of his belongings in front of the house and changed the locks. She was even kind enough to freeze his bank account and cancel his credit cards. At rock bottom, he takes up residence in the yard and spends his days punishing six-packs. When his policeman friend and AA sponsor Frank (Michael Pena) gives him a yard sale permit and five days to get his shit together, he hires a neighborhood kid named Kenny (Christopher Jordan Wallace) to assist him and finds a friend in a neighbor across the street (Rebecca Hall).

The film will begin at 8 p.m., but get there before 7 for a free beer and bag of popcorn. Everything Must Go is Rush’s first time in the director’s chair, and it’s also the second time in front of the camera for C.J. Wallace (Biggie’s son).  Lastly, while Everything Must Go has its humorous moments, it’s another opportunity to see a different side of one of the funniest men of the last two decades. 

Everything Must Go (2010)
Tuesday, September 6
6:30 p.m. (doors)
The Trocadero
1003 Arch St., Philadelphia
Tickets $3 (at the door)

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