The Nintendo 3DS has taken its lumps in the media recently.  That ugly second analog stick add-on has gone over like a fart in church and there’s even been talk about rebranding the handheld to tone down the emphasis on 3D gaming.  What we think is getting lost a bit in these stories, however, is that the success of a platform comes down to one thing: the quality of its games.  Pump out fun, polished and imaginative games and people will buy them and play them.  The latest trailer for Mario Kart 7 proves this point.  As soon as we saw Daisy’s kart transform into a glider to soar to onto rooftops, we were sold.  Then Mario falls into a hole in the ice and instead of being out for the count, his cart becomes aquatic and he keeps going in a whole new area.  Simply put, Mario Kart 7 looks so friggin’ fun to play that we could see people going out and getting a 3DS just to play it when it releases on December 4.   

[via Game Informer]