A list of achievements for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been leaked to the interwebs and now fans can analyze the minutia in each line every day until the game releases on November 8.  If you care about spoilers, you may want to look away now:

  • Destroy the Jamming Tower
  • Take back New York Harbor.
  • Escape the mountain safe house.
  • Defend the Russian President.
  • Infiltrate the village.
  • Make it to Westminster.
  • Save the US Vice President.
  • Assault the shipping company.
  • Track down Volk.
  • Escape Paris with Volk.
  • Reach the church.
  • Escape the city.
  • Discover Makarov's next move.
  • Find the girl.
  • Rescue the Russian President.

It looks like we'll be attempting to keep the Russian President safe early on in the game, but apparently we suck because we have to rescue him at the very end of the game.  It's also amusing that mixed in with saving the Russian President and the US Vice President is the prestigious mission to "find the girl."  That sounds impressive, don't it?

[via Game Informer]