Patrick Judabong - photographer, DJ, and founder of the Fat Bastard Crew, known to the world as Buddhabong. He has traveled the world in search of stunning images, great beats, and the best eats. Currently, you can catch him getting fat in and around New York City.

Washington D.C. — not only is it our nation's capital, it's also home to too many incredible restaurants. Most people know the District for Wings and Mambo Sauce, and I've always wondered whether the man himself, President Obama, has ever had the pleasure of trying.

On a recent trip, I was on a mission to experience the best the city has to offer. Between visiting museums, monuments, and shopping at Commonwealth, D.C. welcomed this Fat Bastard with open arms for a 72-hour food rampage.

Fat Bastard Approved!

(Twitter: @buddhabong)

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