Who doesn't love watching zombies projectile vomit in the morning?  Rezurrection is the new downloadable content (DLC) for Call of Duty: Black Ops and it features five new zombie maps for all you undead-loving maniacs out there.  For those of you not sold on this add-on, we just have three words for you:  zombies vs. astronauts.   Not since dinosaurs and ninjas has there been a mash-up as epic as this.  The Moon map adds a few twists with fluctuating gravity, space-age weapons and new perks.  The other maps are named for perfect zombie ambush locations: swamp, night, factory and asylum.  Rezurrection is already out for the Xbox 360 and owners of the PC or PS3 versions can rip into the rotting flesh on September 22.

[via Game Informer