College is as much about youthful ignorance as it about education and personal growth.

Following in the footsteps-or missteps-of campuses such as UC Irvine, The Berkeley College Republicans at UC Berkeley hosted a “Diversity Bake Sale” yesterday. Failing to see the problem? Well, the goods were sold at different prices depending on the consumer’s race, ethnicity, and gender. White men were charged $2, Asian men $1.50, Latino men $1, black men $0.75 and Native Americans $0.25 (keep clicking for the photo of two white chicks in headdresses—it's priceless. And embarrassing). They didn’t forget about women, who got $0.25 off any purchase.

According to KTLA, this was an intentionally racist act, meant to poke fun at pending California Senate Bill 185, which would allow California universities to consider race, ethnicity, gender and national origin when looking at applications. BCR President Shawn Lewis responded to the anger of students and administrators, saying that the bake sale is “no more racist than giving an individual an advantage in college admissions based solely on their race (or) gender.”

Have we learned nothing from Higher Learning? S.B. 185 would only grant universities the option to take those factors into consideration, not force them to do so. We hope someone showered these smug kids with ripped singles; maybe then they’d see the big picture. Then again, they’d probably appreciate that.

Surely they're appreciating the press.

[via LAist]