It might not rain in Southern California, but it’s definitely wet down there. An OK Cupid survey reports that San Diego and San Bernadino are two of the 10 most promiscuous cities in the country.

According to CBS News, San Diego ranks ninth on the list, while San Bernadino comes in seventh. The northwest gets it in as well, with San Francisco falling right in the middle at number five. . Who’s #1? Portland, always blazing trails, proudly holds the title of the most promiscuous city in the country. If you examine the list closely, you’ll notice that half of the cities are on the West Coast. There’s a message here, and it’s not very subtle.

Another study also revealed that Americans are also among the most careless in terms of having unprotected sex. With that said, go west, young men and women, but be responsible.

[via LAist]