Not satisfied for merely one big product launch, Amazon made its presence felt today with the huge announcement of its long-awaited tablet and Kindle updates.

The tablet, dubbed the Kindle Fire, will retail for only $199 beginning November 15th. Packing a 7-inch screen, the Android-based device sports an interface built on Google’s platform, but, from the looks of things, is entirely its own new thing. Android’s appstore and Kindle publications will be the main content providers, which Amazon will allow users to store for free on its cloud.

Though the Fire will be hard to turn down at its price point, those looking for the barebones Kindle now have a touchscreen option, the aptly-titled Kindle Touch. At only $149, the 3G Touch also boasts free global roaming. And for those extra light in the pocket—the economy is still pretty shitty after all—a new iteration of the basic Kindle will retail for only $79 come November.

And just like that—in considering the consumer’s wallet—Amazon has leveled the tablet/reader playing field. Apple has its match—fittingly, it’s the only other company that’s managed to evolve consistently with the times throughout the past decade.

Peep the FIre's first TV spot above.

[via Engadget]