While speaking at the Discovery Leadership Summit yesterday, former Vice President and Inventor of the Internet Al Gore had an interesting slip of the tongue: He said there were "new iPhones coming next month." Now we all know there's going to be a new iPhone next month, but iPhones, that much has been all rumor and speculation. 

Al Gore is a member of Apple's board of directors, and when he made the statement, he joked that it was a "plug" for the company, so it's entirely plausible that it was genuinely classified information that escaped his lips. It also could have been a slip of the tongue, though the editor of South Africa's Stuff Magazine, who was in attendance at the conference, said Gore definitely spoke in the plural.

The idea that Apple is planning the launch of two iPhones, one a cheaper, tweaked version of the iPhone 4 commonly referred to as the "iPhone 4S," and one a newly redesigned and upgraded model, or "iPhone 5," is one of the oldest rumors surrounding the phone dating all the way back to February.