It's pretty much expected that audition episodes of shows like The X-Factor will get their fair share of weirdos attempting to get their few precious seconds of fame, but as far as the crazies go, this guy really takes the cake.

On last night's episode, auditioning contestant Geo Godley not only did some really weird dance to accompany his near-painful singing, but he also purposely dropped his pants mid-performance, prompting gasps and cringes from the now-mentally-scarred judges and audience. Apparently he was wearing a g-string, but still, TMI dude. 

Despite this, the Parents Television Council - you know, those uptight guys who probably think Two and a Half Men is quality television - are still, unsurprisingly, crying foul, and promising to file a formal indecency claim against the series.

You can see Godley in all his (thankfully censored) glory in the video above, as well as the aftermath which includes audience members and even judge Paula Abdul walking off the set in disgust.

[Via TMZ]

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