WHERE: Cyberspace from New York to Philly
WHEN:  3 p.m., Wednesday, September 28, 2011

There's a reason the folks at Tech Serve and other computer repair companies charge you what they charge you to find your things on that drive that suddenly won't mount, or when the drive that holds all your most valuable things decides to die the day you had all planned out to back it up. This photograph represents a chunk of data that got frozen in time when the partitions on one of my Lacie drives separated from each other, tenuously suspending a few terabytes worth of studio work in digital purgatory, leaning toward mechanical hell…over 9 months ago. On September 27, my man Mark hits me on IM with the evil scientist laugh, and a lotto bass in his voice. "I'm 35 minutes away from retrieving all this shit, we need to order you a new RAID drive, and you owe me a pound of herb cause this was the most difficult data recovery I've ever experienced." Got a deposit on the pound coming by the time you're done reading this. Now, go back up all your important shit. I dodged an infantry's worth of bullets on this one. I'll never be this lucky again, and more than likely, neither will you. Do. It. Now.

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