Andre Braugher, Men Of A Certain Age (TNT)
Josh Charles, The Good Wife (CBS)
Alan Cumming, The Good Wife (CBS)
Peter Dinklage, Game Of Thrones (HBO)
Walton Goggins, Justified (FX)
John Slattery, Mad Men (AMC)

Who Will Win: It's entirely possible that the voters will pull one of their usual bonehead moves and ignore those last three well-deserving nominees and give blockbuster The Good Wife a win by way of Alan Cumming.

Who Should Win: Walton Goggins is a fantastic actor who's overdue for some Emmy recognition. Dude is such a commanding presence on Justified that he could have been submitted for Oustanding Lead Actor, forget supporting. Then again, Peter Dinklage is out-acting everyone on the generally well-performed Game Of Thrones. Slattery continues to have the line of the night per each episode of Mad Men, but that may not be enough to match what Goggins and Dinklage are doing. We're rooting more for the shorter of the two.

Who Was Snubbed: After a certain point, Michael Pitt owned Boardwalk Empire's premiere season as much as Steve Buscemi. With the dual storylines in Atlantic City and Chicago, he basically became the co-lead, so we wouldn't be surprised if that inspired him to unwisely submit for Oustanding Lead.