Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock (NBC)
Louis C.K., Louie (FX)
Matt LeBlanc, Episodes (Showtime)
Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
Johnny Galecki, The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
Steve Carell, The Office (NBC)

Who Will Win: Everybody always assumes Emmy voters will be nice to exiting shows/actors. Guess what, they rarely are though. Ask Matthew Fox. The easy bet is Steve Carell for his Office swan song but watch them follow Galecki's surprise nod with a surprise win.

Who Should Win: We love C.K. but he really found his inner thespian this season. LeBlanc, meanwhile, blew the world up when he became an instant reason to keep tuning into Showtime's uneven Episodes as a hilariously narcissistic, unscrupulous version of himself. Fingers are crossed more so for Louis C.K., though.

Who Was Snubbed: If you don't think Charlie Sheen's performance in Two And A Half Men was Emmy worthy, that's fine, but at least give the man some recognition for the real life entertainment. he bestowed on us in his whirlwind spring media takeover.