Mad Men (AMC)
The Good Wife
Game Of Thrones
Friday Night Lights
Boardwalk Empire

Who Will Win: Bow down to the king. Mad Men enjoyed has already enjoted a three-peat win for Outstanding Drama Series, but the instant classic fourth season is easily the series' best year. This one's a no-brainer.

Who Should Win: Mad Men showrunner Matthew Weiner may have (allegedly) siphoned all of AMC's budget, but there's no foul play if Mad Men wins for the stellar year he delivered. Still, Game Of Thrones arrived in that now familiar HBO crack cocaine packaging and had us fiending beyond relief from week to week for the next fix. But, for its swan song of a great season, it would also be nice if Friday Night Lights finally got some long overdue recognition.

Who Was Snubbed: Really, Emmy voters, wasting a prime slot on Dexter? We can name a handful of shows more worthy, but why include Justified on other ballots just to give it the red-headed stepchild treatment here?