Modern Family (ABC)
The Office
Parks And Recreation
30 Rock
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Who Will Win: Even after a second season that some considered to be a dip in quality from the first, Modern Family is still clearly the favorite. Pretty much every actor minus the kids is up for a nomination.

Who Should Win: With the exception of Glee, this is a pretty stacked ballot. 30 Rock deserves props for coming back strong after a couple of off years, and critics be damned Modern Family was pretty damn funny this season. Parks And Recreation, however, was without a doubtthe past TV season's top underdog.

Who Was Snubbed: No Louie love? Even a season that pales in comparison to the stellar sophomore run the series just enjoyed was better than most of what the networks had to offer. This was probably a long shot, but Californication got its swag back in fine form this year too.