Futurama (Comedy Central)
The Simpsons
The Cleveland Show
Robot Chicken
(Cartoon Network)
South Park
(Comedy Central)

Who Will Win: After leaving FOX for the cable pastures of Comedy Central, Futurama made a rather high-profile return. But, riding the wave of their acclaimed Broadway show, The Book Of Mormon, South Park heads Trey Parker and Matt Stone are in the driver's seat here, even if the show's most recent season wasn't its best. Since when do Emmy voters care about that, anyway?

Who Should Win: On a cosistent basis, Robot Chicken takes more chances and displays more creativity in its 15-minute episodes than most shows do in double that time. We'd love to know that Emmy voters feel the same.

Who Was Snubbed: The best way to describe the hero on FX's slept-on Archer is to call him the "douchebag James Bond," and for that alone creator Adam Reed's secret agent comedy is worthy of mainstream praise.