3. Amongst many strong female leads on TV, Anna Torv truly stands out.

J.J. Abrams and his colleagues took a major risk when they cast an unknown Anna Torv as Fringe’s female lead back in 2008; save for a few Australian productions, the blond Aussie’s credits were minimal. Their gamble has paid off tremendously, though, since Torv continues to evolve as an actress on a per-episode basis, and it’s not like she wasn’t any good in the first season.

From day one, Torv has played steely FBI agent Olivia Dunham with a delicate mixture of take-no-prisoners toughness and susceptible fragility, and with Olivia’s romance with Peter Bishop and Fauxlivia’s sassier personality, her performance is a triple threat.

So why is Torv still somewhat “unknown”? It all goes back to just how underrated Fringe is altogether, of course, but that’s not totally acceptable. Take a look at the picture above: She clearly photographs well, she’s beautiful, and also a first-rate actress. Where’s the Hollywood love?