4. Three words: Gene the cow.

We should take a momentary break from all of this Fringe-slobbing and call the show out for a major fuck-up: Why the hell isn’t Gene, every viewer’s favorite member of the bovine community, a series regular by now? He’s the show’s unofficial mascot, hanging out inside Dr. Walter Bishop’s laboratory and popping up in random episodes to the delight of fans. With all of the strangeness that goes down on Fringe, you’d think that the writers could dream up a storytelling device that’d send Gene out on missions with Olivia, Peter, and Sir Walt—but, no, the cow is stuck indoors as a recurring character.

Gene has been on board since the show’s pilot, acting as Walter’s preferred experimental test subject for human problems, being that, per Walter’s insight, cows are so genetically similar to flesh-and-blood men and women. Though, we can count the amount of Gene-assisted experiments on one hand; mostly, the cow just watches SpongeBob SquarePants and eats Chinese food. What’s cooler than that?