If you’re taking full advantage of Friday nights, chances are that you don’t walk through your home’s front door until after midnight, and usually under the heavy intoxication of Happy Hour tequila shots and half-priced beers. The work week is over, colleagues are eager to hit up the nearest watering hole once the clock strikes five o’clock, and, in most fortunate cases, there’s no reason to wake up early the next morning—it’s party time! With such a ready-to-let-loose mentality, the last thing on hard-working folks’ minds is rushing home to watch television on a Friday night, and understandably so. That’s what DVR was invented for anyway, no?

There’s a big problem with that mentality, however. Ignoring small-screen options on Friday nights robs far too many people of television’s best science fiction show, if not one of TV’s best all-around programs: Fringe. The J.J. Abrams/Bad Robot-backed drama follows members of an abnormal FBI division tasked with keeping the peace between parallel universes and investigating dangerously botched experiments that constantly threaten mankind.

The FOX series, which returns for its fourth season tonight at 9 p.m. EST, is kept accessible through streamlined writing and a cast replete with always on-point actors; the ensemble is led by Joshua Jackson (as the enigmatic, and genius, problem-solver Peter Bishop), Anna Torv (playing FBI all-star Olivia Dunham), and John Noble (as Dr. Walter Bishop, Peter’s eccentric scientist father whose past research led to the show’s present-day conflicts).

Intrigued yet? If not, allow us to state our case as to why Friday night’s strongest show is also television’s most slept-on with these, the 10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Fringe.

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)