The dairy and sugar-laden goodness of ice cream is addictive in and of itself, but add oxycodone sprinkles and you've truly got a treat that keeps 'em coming back. 

Apparently, savvy Staten Island man Louis Scala Jr. caught on to this fail-proof sales formula, and began serving up oxycodone in addition to soft serve out of his Lickety Split ice cream truck. 

Thankfully, Scala wasn't selling treats of the non-frozen variety to children, but he did sell the highly addictive opiate to adults in the neighborhood with the help of 30 conspirators. Scala and his team collectively trafficked over 43,000 prescription pills in total, amounting to over $1 million dollars worth of oxycodone.

How much did he charge for the goods to make that much loot? A cone with sprinkles would set you back about $3.

...oh you meant the drugs? Scala sold each pill for $20, almost 12 times the prescription price.

[via NY Post]