35. Underground Dining

Locations: Various (check websites)
Website: clandestinodining.orgxmarxchicago.comvaleriebolon.com

Underground dining has become the “to-do” thing these days, and Chicago doesn't skimp on the offerings. It's hard to find supper clubs when they're supposed to be a “secret,” but there's always a delicate balance of concealing and revealing—gotta get the customers in somehow, right? Here are just a few hidden gems to get your taste buds in gear.

These meals typically throw strangers together at massive tables for meals with courses ascending into the double digits. It sounds like serious stuff, but this isn't for snobs. Just folks that want to grub good and hard (the crew at X-marx Chicago call the photo section of their website the "porn" section, so you know their head is in the right place).

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