Show: CSI Miami
Banking On: $375,000 per episode
Worth the Investment? No
Complex Says: We’ll hand it to Caruso: In all fairness, he embodies a pretty badass cop on CSI’s Miami-based spinoff. However, while Lt. Horatio Caine clearly knows how to wear the shit out of a pair of sunglasses and seems to have a one-liner for almost any occasion, we can’t help but feel like the character is missing a certain degree of substance to make you root for him for any reason other than his being the lead.

The guy is almost cool to a fault—his lack of reaction to, well, just about anything (including his wife’s death, not to mention his own shooting) makes it hard for him to keep us engaged. Whether these are ultimately Caruso’s choices or his director’s, we just aren’t sure this character’s ensuring us that $375k was well invested. Maybe he should put that distinctive speaking voice to use for Moviefone instead.