Thanks to Teen Nick's late-night line-up of 90s shows, entitled, The 90s Are All That, our nostalgia's been running at an all-time high. From Tuesdays through Saturdays, we re-live our childhood with shows we used to come home to watch afterschool. Now with its air time between 12 AM to 2 AM, they've become shows we come home to watch after a night of heavy drinking or a terrible date with a new chick.

Needless to say, we take comfort in Nickelodeon's old shows because they remind us of a simpler time: a time when all our crushes were their leading ladies. But, given its been over a decade since Nick's golden era and most 90s kids have full faces of facial hair now, suffice it to say we've all aged and changed, including the those stars we used to love.

Since we're on this nostalgia kick, we began to wonder, where are these chicks now? Well, thanks to this generation's handy search engine Google, we're able to update you on on their whereabouts. Without further ado, refamiliarize yourself with NIckelodeon's leading ladies of the 1990s.

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