This past week had to be one of the most geographically challenging weeks for me ever. Between traveling home from Miami and then straight to Washington Heights,  then downtown Manhattan, and then Long Island, to jumping on a flight to L.A. to meet up with my family, DJing at Soul Sessions in L.A., partying at DJ Keith and Monica Conklin's wedding in S.D., and then flying back home with the family to a full week of studio, writing and local club work, the game didn't stop, so neither could I.

Work while you can, rather than when you gotta, I always say. And with that, we get back to life on the road, local, domestic, and foreign, all with the same goals: spread love, become a better artist, and get paper to feed and shelter my family. It may make Jack a dull boy, but since my work includes play, my blades are feeling good and sharp. Salute.