Following up on the news that Gears of War 3 has gone gold, Epic Games has let loose the opening cinematic for the game. Familiar fans will certainly know whose hind-parts those belong to, as Anya Stroud, the "dispatch girl" from the first two games, sees her trading in her radio for a gun.

With Lancer in hand, Anya brings gamers up to speed, recounting the rise of the Locust to the fall of Jacinto. Even if you haven't played the military science-fiction game, the clip is a pretty blatant info-dump, and it gets the job done. Now, as the survivors attempt to rebuild their life on the island of Vectes, a new threat, the Lambent, attempt to eradicate mankind once and for all.

Anya, Marcus Fenix, and the rest of Delta Squad prepare a naval ship with some of the other survivors in hopes of fighting this new onslaught. COGs prepare to go back into the trenches as Gears of War 3 hits stores on September 20th.

[via Game Informer]