The war for Earth has jumped off in a pretty spectacular manner. Mass Effect 3 is making its debut at Gamescom in Europe today, and we have some exciting stuff to show the fans of Commander Shepard. Take this opportunity to press play on the "Squad Leader" gameplay footage, which finds our hero and his troops fighting a group of Cerberus mercenaries. 

BioWare is hoping this "all-combat" video will satisfy those who are anticipating the radical changes made from Mass Effect 2. The upcoming action RPG will mark the third and final chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy of video games. With the shooting looking a lot better this time, we've also included these screenshots to show off just how better the graphics look, too! Do you think that this role-playing game could also prove to be an attractive shooter?

Speak your piece in the comments section below. Mass Effect 3 will be in stores on March 2012.