On last night's season finale of TLC's My Strange Addiction, viewers were introduced to 26-year-old Casie, whose husband recently, and tragically, died of an asthma attack. Since then, Casie has been addicted to carrying around an urn of his ashes everywhere...and occasionally eating said ashes. Seriously.

"I take my husband to the grocery store...shopping," she tells the camera. "To the movies, out to eat...anywhere I go, he goes. I sleep with him. When I go grocery shopping, I buy the foods that he likes. When I cook, I cook what he likes. I don't eat it, but I cook for him. If I'm watching TV, he's there with me. If somebody says, 'Hey, who's that?' I say, 'Oh, this is my husband.' People laugh, they think I'm playing. But I'm serious, that's my husband."

And then she discusses how she first started eating his ashes, and that's when things get really disturbing. You've been warned.

[Via TLC]

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