Gamers who love everything about inFamous 2 are about to be in for a scream. Announced at Gamescom, Festival of Blood is the scary next installment in the inFamous universe. It will be provided as DLC over the PSN, and the best thing about this is that you don't need a copy of the game to play it. The content is completely standalone.

The undead thing has been kind of overkill in hundreds of other games, but never done in a superhero sandbox. Cole MacGrath gets his True Blood on as vampires have descended on the town of New Marais. To reverse the curse of being bitten by one, he has one night to track down Count Dracula, or else he'll be stuck like that forever.

Festival of Blood will feature new missions and enemies, as well as a transformed city. The DLC is set to be released just in time for Halloween.

[via Game Informer]