You enter a subway station only to find a man lying on the tracks in a pool of blood. What do you do? In the case of a couple who found themselves in this predicament at the DeKalb Avenue stop on the L train this past weekend, you whip out your phone and start videotaping dude writhing around on the tracks.

In the clip above (taped off a computer screen after the person who filmed it took the clips down), you first see the man laying face down in the tracks. The bystanders are clearly freaked, but they don't do anything tangible to actually help the man up (they had apparently already notified MTA personnel though). The clip gets truly frightening when the man attempts to stand up, but falls back down, coming perilously close to the 3rd rail.

So what would you do? Stand by waiting for help (the next train wasn't scheduled to arrive for 13 minutes), or risk your own life for someone who's clearly incapacitated and probably drunk? [via Gothamist]