Capcom has kicked the promotion train for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 into high gear with the reveal of two more playable characters and an official release date. The game is currently being slated for a November 15, 2011 release date her in North America and shortly thereafter in other regions.

As for the new characters profiled for the game, both Dr. Strange and Nemesis have been given their proper introductions in the game’s ever-expanding promotional video, which you can find above.

Dr. Strange is a huge staple in the Marvel comics universe and his inclusion in the game struck a few fans by surprise, including myself. It isn’t often that the good doctor gets used in a Marvel project outside of the comic books but I am sure glad that they elected to include him. Judging by the gameplay footage that has been shown of him, the Sorceror Supreme will be pulling out all of his tricks from his book of sorcery, literally.

Resident Evil fans will be happy to know that one of the biggest and fiercest enemies in the series is making his way to the game in the form of Nemesis, specifically the T-Virus variant. Nemesys T-Type is a hulking brawler who stands second only to the Sentinel in terms of his physical size in the game... this guy is HUGE.

Now, if we can only get a glimpse of the other characters that will flesh out the roster of the game, I will be very happy. Sure, most of the public knows the full line-up thanks to an unfortunate (although rumored intentional) leak by Capcom, but I want to see Rocket Raccoon and the others in action.