If your newspapers have been disappearing lately, you can just blame Extreme Couponing – apparently, authorities are saying that the TLC show is to blame for a recent bout of newspaper thefts all over the country.

The show, if you're not familiar, is pretty simple: Spend hours coupon cutting to spend less at the grocery store (No matter that the difference might only be like ten cents or whatever). "They watch this 'Extreme Couponing' show where people buy $300 worth of groceries for $1.20, and they start figuring out ways to get newspapers and coupons without paying for them," the vice-president of circulation for North Carolina newspaper, The News & Observer commented.

Though the show promotes saving, it isn't to save by stealing, which seems to be a fact a lot of people must have missed. One of the culprits, a 34-year-old Arkansas woman, admitted she'd stolen papers to get the coupons, but claimed she didn't know it was illegal.


[Via AL Blog]