Minka Kelly

One of the most recent and also one of the worst: Last year, Minka Kelly, the remarkably untalented (albeit big-bosomed) former arm-fixture of Derek Jeter, cried on her flight to LAX. She sobbed, actually. Like a toddler, she became distraught to such a degree that it took seven flight attendants to talk her down from the hysterical frenzy she'd worked herself into. And this was after she called Jeter, who could not calm her down. Why? What was wrong? Was Kelly suddenly overcome with grief by the shambles the world is in? Earthquake in Haiti, children dying round the clock? The economic crisis? Did she just remember that human suffering goes on everyday and that her show Friday Night Lights, in fact, will not make it stop? Why so sad, Minka?

Because she couldn't bring her cockapoo into first class. That's why.