Brian Michael Bendis’ reimagining of Venom was just what the character needed after nearly a decade of vomit-quality stories. Bendis made Venom more like Spider-Man’s twisted mirror image than other writers had ever before, playing up the similarities between the two characters as opposed to just focusing on their differences. Even though Bendis kind of rockets through Spidey’s whole “black suit” phase a little too quickly, once the story starts to click, it’s one of the best Venom stories yet.

This was a character truly in need of an update, so when Bendis made him a little bit more subtle and have him some real motivation, the character instantly became more dangerous. There are a lot of terrible Venom stories out there, but fans of Spider-Man's evil counterpart should check this one out for the simple reason that it handles the character seriously and doesn’t turn him into a one-note monster like most others.