Amazing Spider-Man #248 is all about Spidey tracking down Thunderball (typically a Thor villain) and battling him in the middle of New York. But what really makes that issue stand out is the short backup story titled The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man, which centers on a young boy named Timmy Harrison, who was just been the subject of a feature article in the Daily Bugle for apparently being Spider-Man’s biggest fan.

After Spider-Man reads about his young fan, he decides to pay him a visit. The two talk for a while and Spider-Man eventually tells young Timmy about the accident that turned him into a hero, and also about his Uncle Ben. And then in a rare move, Spidey unmasks in front of his adoring fan and reveals that he’s the photographer that always takes the pictures of masked her for the Bugle. It’s a beautiful moment that shows Peter's real character, and, unlike most comic tales, is more about the man behind the mask than anything else.

Once the hero leaves the boy's bedroom, readers are treated to the last line of the Daily Bugle article written about Timmy, which states, "You see, Tim Harrison has leukemia, and the doctors only give him a few more weeks to live."