Set in a dystopian future where New York City is veritable fortress guarded by a heavily armed police force called The Reign, Spider-Man: Reign is a dower, depressing love letter to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. With Spider-Man M.I.A., the Reign brutalizes criminals and strips civilians of their human rights without blinking an eye.

Peter Parker now exists as a broken down old man haunted by hallucinations of his dead wife, Mary Jane. He has given up being Spider-Man and now works as a florist as the whole world goes to hell. That is until he is visited by an old friend, J. Jonah Jameson, who gives him a present: his old camera and a black Spider-Man mask.

Spider-Man: Reign is simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting, as it shows a down-and-out hero coming back for one last fight. It may not be the most original Spidey story ever (it literally steals multiple plot points from Dark Knight Returns) but Reign is still one of the best.