Spider-Man seems to quit his job more often than a greasy-faced McDonald’s employee. But in Amazing Spider-Man #50, Peter Parker seems genuine when he renounces his secret identity in order to live a normal life. This is all brought on after the news of his Aunt’s worsening health and the fact that his collegiate grades have been declining.

Peter realizes that his secret life as Spider-Man is keeping him from succeeding at what's important. So, on a rainy night, he crumples up his Spidey costume and throws it in the trash in one of the most iconic panels in comic book history.

Spider-Man No More!, written by Stan Lee and illustrated by John Romita, shows the strain that being a superhero can have on one's personal life. Most comics romanticize the life of a hero; here, Lee and Romita demonize it. This story is so important to the character's existence that most of the beloved film sequel Spider-Man 2 is based on it; in fact, director Sam Raimi's smash hit includes some of the most pivotal scenes from the book shot-for-shot.