In one simple issue, writer Paul Jenkins accomplishes more than any other Spider-Man writer in the past decade. When Spectacular Spider-Man #14 starts, we’re introduced to Joe Beal, a young man with cerebral palsy. During the day, his father puts him in a wheelchair and leaves him on the roof in order to get some fresh air. Beal spends his days gazing out over the cityscape, watching Spider-Man swing by and wishing that he was Spidey.

After Beal watches the Wall Crawler battle Morbius, the living vampire, he captures Spidey's attention, leading to a visit. The superhero reassures Joey that he's safe, and just when he’s about to leave, he takes his mask off. Joey looks upon the face of a worn-out, somber Peter Parker. Instantly, Joey knows that nothing is as glorious as it seems—not even being Spider-Man.

With an incredible script by Jenkins and jaw-dropping art by Paolo Rivera, this is one great Spider-Man story that even non-comic-readers could appreciate.