It doesn’t have the sentimentality or emotions of some of the other stories on this list, but Nothing Can Stop The Juggernaut is the perfect example of a superhero story. Filled with tons of action and suspense, it's tightly plotted and intense, not to mention tons of fun.

Unlike most comics from the ‘80s, this story doesn’t include gritty rape scenes or brutal murders; instead, writer Roger Stern crafts a traditional narrative about good against evil. Black Tom Cassidy sends the Juggernaut to capture Madame Web in order to use her psychic powers to stop the X-Men. While this is happening, Spider-Man attempts to stop Juggernaut, but fails repeatedly.

Stern gives Spider-Man real vulnerability and makes him more human than most other heroes. But we all know that Peter Parker never gives up, and. eventually. he outwits the Juggernaut and saves the day. It's nothing fancy, but Nothing Stops The Juggernaut is so well-written with such great characterizations that it’s easily one of the better web-slinger tales of all time.