No red-blooded fantasy fan could ever forget the first time they laid eyes on the cover of Fantastic Four #1. It didn’t compose the super team like heroic gods, nor did the characters even sport fancy costumes. Jack Kirby simply illustrated the cover with the intention of showing the Fantastic Four off as regular people with strange abilities, rather than a seasoned superhero team.

This cover has been copied, or “homaged," dozens of times by some of the best artists in the industry, but no matter who tries their hand at this classic image, no one will ever touch Kirby’s masterful strokes. The story read a little naively now, especially with Reed Richards’ odd monologue about his hatred for “commies"; still, Fantastic Four #1 is the first true installment in what eventually became the Marvel Universe. If the cover wasn't as dynamic as it was, there is no telling if FF would have still been a hit.