How do you go about pissing off somebody like Frank Castle, who's constantly angered already? Simple: dig up the bodies of his murdered family, videotape yourself pissing on them, and send the tape to the news for the whole world to see. That’s exactly what deranged mobster Nicky Cavella does at the beginning of this story arc written by Garth Ennis.

Never known for his subtlety or respect for the dead, Ennis simply shocked readers with the first issue of this story and just left audiences waiting for the Punisher's reaction, which was captured beautifully by artist Leandro Fernandez. 

The rest of the story deals with the Punisher as he guns down mobsters and slowly makes his way up to Cavella. It’s simple and brutal, but Ennis keeps the suspense going throughout as the audience anxiously waits for the final confrontation between the two. And, as always, the ending isn’t pretty.

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