After Garth Ennis stopped writing the Punisher in 2008, the character was left in a state of flux for a while. New writers would come on to the book and attempt to lend their own voice to Frank Castle’s world, but everything wound up as a shallow imitation of Ennis' work. Then, in 2010, Jason Aaron was featured as the writer of a new book titled PunisherMax, and gave the world a new take on the skull clad sociopath.

PunisherMax differed from the other Max versions of the character because it features some classic characters from the regular Marvel Universe, as opposed to strictly just the mobsters and government officials from the Ennis days. Aaron’s first arc features the Punisher gunning after the so-called Kingpin of crime. But the problem is that Castle doesn't even know what this Kingpin looks like, or if he's simply an urban legend. 

The story is filled with pervasive violence, gore, and perverse sexuality, but it’s also completely nihilistic with a ton of dark humor. Along with Punisher veteran Steve Dillon on art, Aaron created a version of the Punisher that was both loyal to the groundwork that Ennis laid down, but at the same time different enough to work on its own. It's sick, twisted, and absolutely impossible to put down. 

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