With next week's Gamescom video game trade show returning to Cologne, Germany, we have to keep you abreast of the nominees for their annual award ceremony. As part of the show's opening ceremony on August 17, an international jury will present some pretty interesting hardware to these fine contenders who we have listed below.

Best Hardware 
Datel Power Racer 270 Wireless Racing Wheel – DeeBee Entertainment
GameTalk Pro-2wireless gaming headphones – DeeBee Entertainment
PlayStation Vita – Sony

Best Console Game
Mass Effect 3 – EA
Batman: Arkham City – Warner Bros.
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception – Sony
FIFA 12 – EA

Best Online Game
Star Wars - The Old Republic – EA
Modern Warfare 3 – Activison Blizzard
End of Nations – Trion Worlds

Best Mobile Games
Mario Kart 3D – Nintendo
Uncharted: Golden Abyss – Sony
Resident Evil Revelations – Capcom

Best PC Game
Battlefield 3 – EA
Anno 2070 – Ubisoft
Diablo III – Blizzard Entertainment
RAGE – Bethesda

Best Family Game
Kinect Sports - Season 2 – Microsoft
Rayman Origins – Ubisoft
Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster – Warner Bros.

Best Browser Game
The Sims Social – EA
The Settlers Online – Ubisoft

Which game do you think should win in each category? Share your thoughts on all the nominations in the comments section below!

[via N-Europe]

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