Bieber fever is a deadly epidemic. To see if you potentially have the disease, note the following symptoms: a Twitter name with the word Bieb in it, a photoshopped picture of you and Justin Bieber, you've uttered the words "I'm a Belieber," and the most telling of all, you experience mania. No, we're not talking about you standing at a taping of The Today Show in the freezing cold with a sign; we're talking about your furious, unrelenting belief that you will be Mrs. (or Mr.) Bieber. More pointedly, we're talking about your rage-blackout death threats against Selena Gomez. So, if reading Selena Gomez's name just enraged you, stop reading because this post might be about you and you might have the urge to jump off a bridge in hysteria.

Arguably the sweetest and only girl to come out of the Disney channel unscathed, Gomez, who recently kicked off her We Own The Night tour in the U.S., has been receiving menacing @ replies since being linked to Justin Bieber late last year. Need examples? After the jump, check out the stunning, if not hilarious, Twitter warnings on J.B.'s girlfriend from Beliebers who are redefining both the meaning of teenybopping and of insanity.