Cheater: Ethan Hawke
Date Of Affair: Relationship made public in December 2007

Boinking the nanny (as long as she's boinkable and not like 85 or something) has got to rank up there on rich dad's perverted to do lists. One man that can cross that one off his list is Training Day cop Ethan Hawke. It's unclear when the actor first got intimate with Ryan Shawhughes, the woman who used to take care of his and Uma Thurman's kids, but a photo of Ethan and Ryan together in public surfaced in the NY Daily News in December 2007 ("sources" claim they had been fooling around for a while). By that time, Hawke and Thurman had long gone their separate ways ever since they broke up in the summer of '03 over word that Ethan was dating Canadian model Jennifer Perzow while filming Taking Lives in Montreal Canada. Shawhughes does bear resemblance to the Kill Bill star in looks and now her life does too; Shawhughes and Hawke were married in June 2008 and are expecting their second child.