Cheater: Tiger Woods
Date Of Affair: 2006 - 2008

Tiger Woods alleged Mistress #10 Loredana Jolie may have been closer to being rated a 10 than any of the other women who came out of the woodwork. The Bronx-born escort raised in Italy ended up writing a tell-all book about her (again, alleged) escapades (20 in all, but she only got paid once, $15,000 used to pay bills, according to her) with not only Tiger but other famous rich men. The revelations in the book, however, weren't exactly mind-boggling, as Loredana (real last name Ferriolo) offered up tidbits like Tiger enjoyed watching girl-on-girl action. Shocking, we know. She did try to suggest that Tiger might have been turned on by the thought of her inviting another dude into bed with them, which some tried to interpret as some sort of bisexual impulse the golfer had, but as Jolie noted, it was only fantasy talk. She also commented on Tiger's all-night stamina, which would make Loredana a sexual dynamo her damn self.