Cheater: John F. Kennedy
Date Of Affair: 1963 

Blonde, buxom and beautiful, Jayne Mansfield always drew comparisons to Marilyn Monroe. Both Mansfield and Monroe were models and actresses, but they apparently also shared lovers. President John F. Kennedy is reported to have bed Mansfield amongst countless other women, famous or not. Details of their rumored trysts are hard to come by, however. Internet search results will tell you that Jayne and John had sexual relations three times or were involved for three years, depending on who you want to believe. Allegedly, the sexy star and her young daughter once visited the White House where the little girl was left with staff while Mansfield and Kennedy disappeared alone together. Urban legend? Perhaps. Cited as the first modern Hollywood star to do a nude scene in a major motion picture, a lot of Jayne Mansfield's life revolved around her image of seductress, and allegedly was the Other Woman in other relationships that she had. While we may never know the truth about her and JFK, there is little debate that she was quite a stunning creature.