Cheater: Senator Edward Brooke
Date Of Affair: 1974 -1976?

Famous journalist Barbara Walters made the news in 2008 for her revelation in her book Auditions of an interracial affair with Massachusetts Senator Edward Brooke back in the 1970s. But according to a New York Magazine report that same year, Walters' sneaking around with Brooke, the only African-American in the Senate at the time, was well known news around D.C. In fact, the Washington Post printed the gossip in September 1975. Regardless, it still makes for a juicy story, as Ol' Girl with the lisp never seemed like the type who would get down like that and end up being the other woman. Apparently, Brooke told his wife about the affair causing her to flip out. To avoid a scandal and protect both their careers, Walters and Brooke stopped the shenanigans.