Cheater: Joey Buttafuoco
Date Of Affair: July 2, 1991 - May 19, 1992

Saying porn stars have messed-up childhoods ain't exactly a news flash. But even by adult performers' standards, Amy Fisher's background is somewhat extreme. Dubbed "The Long Island Lolita," the troubled girl was still 16 when she started having sex with auto body shop owner Joey Buttafuoco, who was more than twice her age. Four months after meeting him, Amy was working as an escort allegedly at the suggestion of Buttafuoco. A year after their initial meeting, the teenager shot Joey's wife Mary Jo in the head out of jealousy, an incident that grabbed national headlines (Alyssa Milano portrayed Fisher in one several made-for-TV movies). She served seven years in prison. Upon her release, she made several appearances on Howard Stern and eventually got into porn. (In May 2007, it was reported that Amy and Joey were dating again, but it turned out to be most likely a publicity stunt for a reality show that never came to be.) After all she's been through, a life in sinema probably doesn't seem that crazy to Fisher.